Negative aspects of tobacco consumption are widely proclaimed in public campaigns. This propaganda is aimed at both smokers and those who wish to quit.

It appears incidentally, among usual advertisements, having an indirect action on the mind of watchers.

Such advertisements appear suddenly, forcing people to unexpectedly realize the follows of their habit, consider the necessity to quit.

In order to have an impact on the human mind, these advertisements must be remarkable, capturing, have an ability to convince. They must not be easily forgotten by watchers.

Individual reactions on these advertisements are different and depend on each person’s mind, mood, comprehension of the advertisement’s content, etc. In principle, their effect appears to be high as they are directed towards millions of watchers.

Researchers do not have a singular opinion whether such advertisements are really efficient. The most considerable report on the action of public advertisements on smokers was released in 2008 by the US National Cancer Institute. This report states all researches led in different countries of the entire world during some decades and scientific issues with reflectations on the influence of public advertisements on the behaviour of smoking persons. The basic conclusion of this study is that anti-smoking advertisements can limit the number of smokers and affect both youngsters and adult smokers.

These study results are doubtless well-based. Another thing is that they are one-sided. Advertisements cause smokers to quit their addiction, but they naturally do not clarify the aspects, referring to the after-quitting periods and difficulties former smokers face. An abrupt stop of consuming tobacco can slow the brain and body activity, cause malfunctions and aches.

So, another side of a sudden quitting can be a temporary inability to efficiently work for some time, rapidly think and react. Everyone can consider the follows of such rapid change of behaviour and reactions of the surrounding.

It means that such advertisements must be focused on prevention of negative smoking quitting follows as well. It is necessary ro clarify that the quitting cannot happen quickly and without any problems. It is necessary to prepare them for a new life. As best, quitting should be started with moderate tobacco consumption. In other words, they must step-by-step get used to smoke lesser until they completely quit. It must become clear firstly.

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