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Today we want to write a review about IQOS HEETS Bronze sticks, which are now on sale and have a rather exotic taste. The pack in the format is still the same as the previous versions. Already traditionally they are all the same, only the color at the top of the pack differs. IQOS HEETS Bronze sticks have bronze or rather brown appearance.

On the pack itself, neither the amount of nicotine nor the price is indicated, which is also quite familiar. It is only indicated that “net mass of heated tobacco: 6.1 g.”. The stick filter is the most common, non-filter mouthpiece that the very first sticks had.

What do they have inside? All the same glued tobacco sticks

The taste of the IQOS HEETS Bronze tobacco sticks, although delicate, but we clearly catch it. It tastes like cocoa … or chocolate, whatever you like. We like it, in principle, because we love cocoa. And these sticks will become our favorite ones.

In general, an interesting taste, not overdone, with a clear cocoa flavor. Well, we felt that way. We advise you to try IQOS HEETS Bronze sticks if you are those who smoke IQOS and want a new sensation.

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IQOS HEETS Bronze sticks have a rich tobacco flavor. Heets is a modern way of consuming tobacco. For the production of sticks, the best, carefully selected tobacco leaves are used so that you can enjoy a completely new taste and aroma.

Heets are intended for the use with IQOS only. Are sold in packs (1 pack – 20 sticks). Come to our online shop to buy these IQOS HEETS Bronze sticks at moderate prices. You will nowhere find better prices for original IQOS HEETS Bronze sticks.