cigarettesLawmakers are firm in their stream to make people forget the cigarettes taste, their existence in life and different spheres. There is a decision now to distribute cigarettes in special standard design packs.

The surface of such standard pack will be to 65 percent covered with health warnings.

The issuing authorities believe that this will be a good preventive measure to force smokers quit their habit.

We dare not criticize anybody but we can get an opinion that smokers are considered as mad persons who are unable to understand themselves what is good and what is bad for them.

In our daily life, we hear anywhere that smoking is dangerous and can damage.

Apparently, this propaganda is not more considered as effective. People apparently have to face the cigarette warnings while they are going to buy cigarettes. Otherwise, they will probably not understand that cigarettes can damage them.

The reality is much more complicated. Cigarette users are mature persons and they know why they consume tobacco.

They do it because tobacco is a strong addiction that they cannot overcome. And it is more than addiction.

People who smoke find the courage and support in their cigarettes. At any difficult time, smokers pull cigarettes out of packs and get a good mood from the nice, spicy smoke.

This is maybe a psychological approach. People consider cigarettes as their true friends.

Cigarettes give a feeling of relaxation that people need.

Totally said, cigarettes are a universal remedy for a successful life.

Smokers cannot really imagine that their cigarettes, giving them so much pleasure and delight can become a reason of any unhappy life.

They consider cigarettes as their old friends and cannot believe that their cigarettes can damage them.

But they know negative effects of smoking. Another matter is that they would rather prefer to die than live without their beloved cheap cigarettes online uk.

So, it is doubtful whether people will be feared with medical warnings on cigarette packs.

The benefits of smoking cigarettes are so great that they cannot decide themselves to be deprived of the delight to consume them.

Lawmakers should take this psychological phenomenon into account. The matter is that smokers are normal people and keep to their addiction because it is useful for them.

Will they really believe in dangers if their own experience is a contra-proof?

This is the matter that must be considered.