Iqos cigarettes are called heets, which is a trademark of Philip Morris International. The name “heets” comes from the phrase “heat sticks” or “heated sticks”. This reflects the basic principle of the iqos device, which heats the tobacco stick instead of burning it, as is done when smoking traditional cigarettes. Using heets heated sticks allows the user to get the aroma and flavor of tobacco without producing the smoke that is present when smoking conventional cigarettes.

Our company promotes heets Australia wide online, which are targeted toward a wide consuming audience. Heets cigarettes for iqos target a wide audience of users for several reasons: Offering an alternative: heets provide an alternative to traditional cigarettes. The development of iqos and heets is based on the idea of giving smokers the opportunity to satisfy their need for nicotine and enjoy the taste of tobacco without producing smoke. This may appeal to a wide range of users who want to have a similar experience and give up traditional smoking. This trend helps us promote heets Australia wide online.

Minimal impact on others: heets emit significantly less smoke than traditional cigarettes when used in iqos. This makes them more attractive to users who want less exposure to those around them and less of the unpleasant odors associated with smoking. Variety of flavors and nicotine levels: Heets offer a variety of flavors and nicotine levels, allowing users to choose the option that best suits them. This allows the company to appeal to a wide range of consumers with different flavor preferences and nicotine levels. This trend helps us promote heets Australia wide online.

Marketing efforts: Philip Morris International actively promotes iqos and heets products by investing heavily in marketing and advertising. This helps to attract attention and create interest in the product among different user groups. PMI cooperates with online wholesalers and retailers to make the advantages of heets evident for all groups of smokers.

The low price of iqos in our online stores is due to several factors No retail price mark-up: our online stores do not have a physical store, which saves on operating costs such as rent and utilities and does not require a retail price mark-up. Direct manufacturer supply: online stores can contract directly with iqos manufacturers and obtain products directly from stock at low wholesale prices.