King Edward VII of England was a real man who loved beautiful women and cigarettes. King Edward cigarettes had got his name.

In 1841, the future king’s birthplace was Buckingham Palace. Of Edward’s 69-year life, only the last 10 years of his life were spent on the throne in place of his mother. But that did not stop him from having fun with glamorous women, enjoying boisterous vacations, and smoking expensive cigars.

Edward VII began experimenting with cigarettes at an early age, but draconian laws severely restricted smokers from engaging in noble and fashionable smoking anywhere. Smoking was strictly forbidden in the presence of children and women and in public places, and was considered in poor taste.

Another obstacle that prevented Edward from using cigars freely was his mother, Queen Victoria, who adhered to old traditions. Cigars were his son’s hobby, and his mother could not accept this, so the family often argued. In 1901, Edward was crowned and his dream came true. In 1901, Edward was crowned and his dream came true. He said, “I am the first to be crowned. . Since then, cigars have been his constant hobby. Even when coins were struck at the mint, no one attempted to depict a king who did not smoke cigars. Even the smallest court coin shows Edward with a cigar in his mouth.

The personality of King Edward cigarettes is inextricably linked to the history of cigarette development. It was he who did everything in his power to popularize the hobby and provide a more comfortable environment for smokers. His lifelong dedication to cigar flavoring earned him high honors and immortalized him in the name of the greatest cigar of all time.

What are King Edward cigarettes?

King Edward cigarettes have long been famous for their machine-made cigars filled with 100% natural tobacco. The resulting cigar is a beautifully small cigar, the perfect size for your pocket. These cigars are mild, affordable, and perfect for a quick smoke. The colored cardboard package contains five cigarillos, each 102 mm long and just over 11 mm in diameter. Each cigarette is individually wrapped with a plastic mouthpiece and cellophane. A small paper ribbon serves not only as a marker, but also as a ribbon for removing the protective film from the cigar. Convenient and practical. The cigarette case is neat and slim. The mouthpiece is made of soft plastic and is pleasant to the touch. The perfect smoothness of the cover leaves no doubt as to its nature – of course, it is a reconstituted cigarette, however, most modern mechanically manufactured cigarillos have the exact same cover.