Despite critical issues that the smoking causes various mortal diseases, there is news that the tobacco consumption can become a prevention of some health dangers. Although the smoking can be to some extent hazardous, it can amazingly improve the body state as well.

The researchers find explanations of these controversies. There are facts that the smoking alleviates Ulcerative Colitis but inflames Crohn’s Disease

In other words, your tobacco enables you to cure the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Those who are ill with it can be treated with smoking. Ill persons find a relief in it.

IBD means a plenty of chronic gut diseases. The Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, which are the two most widespread appearances of IBD, are provoked by the immune system’s attacks of the own gut. But the consumption of cigarettes has exacerbates Crohn’s disease, appears to alleviate ulcerative colitis.

During a recent debate on IBD in San Francisco, IBD specialist Stephen Hanauer said that various factors, beginning with regular diets till Tylenol to colder climatic conditions can reason the sudden appearance of IBD diagnoses. It is especially the case in developed countries. But the cigarette smoking, which is an up-to-date phenomenon, has nothing to do with these theories of modern life trends as provoking factors of the IBD appearance because the smoking can really ward off ulcerative colitis.

Hanauer is one of numerous IBD top experts who are aware since years that the Crohn’s patients are mostly smokers while the ulcerative colitis patients are in general ex-smokers. When tobacco users quit smoking, there is a great probability that they will suffer from ulcerative colitis. So, there is a risk that they will suffer from a heavy disease instead of supposed health dangers caused by smoking. Which benefits do they actually have if they quit?

Hanauer did not say directly that quitting smoking reasons ulcerative colitis, but he affirmed that many of his patients had a relief while using cigarettes. This is a certain fact that cigarettes are actually used for the treatment of ulcerative colitis.

Our life consists of controversies. Rejecting something for possible benefits, we do simultaneously risk to get into other great troubles caused by this rejection.

This fact should be considered by smokers who are going to quit. They should have estimated all pro- and contra-arguments.

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