Any smoker, or someone who lives with a smoker, knows that the government taxes cigarettes very differently than it taxes most other goods and services. This is partly in order to curb the massive monopolies and profits being made by the Big Tobacco companies, and partly due to laws designed to curb the effects of cigarettes on the general population. These laws, introduced with the intended effect of helping to cure the health crisis as a result of many years of unrestrained tobacco consumption, as well as protecting future generations from the effect of secondhand smoke, are state implemented and state enforced.

What this means for online cigarette sales is that cigarettes are able to be moved and shipped over state lines cheaply and efficiently, and that online, since there is no sales tax paid to a store, it is essentially far, far cheaper than buying them in a convenience store, gas station, or supermarket. Basically, buying cigarettes online is the equivalent of buying things duty free in an airport.

The Problem with Online Cigarette Sales

The biggest problem with online cigarette sales is that they’re illegal. In many states, buying cigarettes and attempting to circumvent the law about the taxation of said cigarettes is a misdemeanorin others, it is a felony. In Michigan, the first state to begin a crackdown on online vendors attempting to circumvent these laws, tax evaluators issued subpoenas to several different online cigarette vendors, asking for the records of residents in Michigan that had purchased cigarettes. Each person they apprehended in the act of buying cigarettes without paying taxes was fined approximately $2,500.

While Michigan was the first to crack down on online cigarette sales, it is by no means the last. California and Oregon were the next to begin investigations into online cigarette sales, and how they can be illegal in the eyes of the law with an eye towards getting around tax legislature. Other states to begin participating in this crackdown are Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Wyoming.

Better Ways to Get Cheap Cigarettes

Instead of risking fines or imprisonment by trying to circumvent tax laws, try looking for coupons for cigarettes instead. Most cigarette companies offer coupons on their websites, and in fact only make as much money as they do because people pick cigarettes up as an impulse buy or unplanned purchase. When spending money on cigarettes, plan ahead, and at least make an effort to bring a coupon that can be printed directly from the Marlboro or Newport websites, among many others. This can significantly bring down the price of cigarette purchases without risking the ire of the law. Alternatively, wait until a store has a sale, and stock up for the future to avoid running on the wrong side of tax law.

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