Well 2013 turned out to be a very eventful year for us Vapers, what with the rise of #EUecigBAN on Twitter to coincide with the appalling new regulations from the EU and showing the full potential of the vaping community as we stood against the pharmaceutical giants and other powers trying to stop us. We’ve seen the market for Ecigs leap as more and more smokers turn to vaping as a healthier means of getting their nicotine. However, now we enter into a bright new year and it’s time to see what 2014 has to offer us. Will this be the year we see the beginning of the end for Electronic Cigarettes? Or will this be end of the beginning to a promising future?

First of all the tech is massively improving and I expect we’ll see some great products arrive this year. At Volcano we have already had our brand new style of Lavatube 2.5’s with variable wattage, nothing too revolutionary but it’s sometimes the small improvements which make the biggest difference to an experience. In the next week we’ll also be unveiling some great new tech in the form of TubeTanks. They’re available already on the site but I’ll be posting about them in much more detail very soon so keep an eye on this space.

We can’t talk about the coming year without mentioning the continuing debate on regulations for E Cigarettes. We all breathed a sigh of relief after October’s vote but most of us knew then that this was not the end by far. I reckon that us Europeans will always win in the EU but it’ll break down and each individual member state will see its own battle. Here in the UK we still have to contend with the MHRA who blindly refuse to see our point or acknowledge the EU vote and want to ban Ecigs anyway. And this isn’t even taking into account what’s going on with our cousins in the US and the FDA’s stance on all of this.

Despite a turbulent year ahead I see a rise in the market and if nothing else this regulation debate will only bring vaping more into the public eye, hopefully drawing others to our way of thinking.

As you can probably tell I’m a bit of an optimist so my hopes are always high that we can defy the odds but by the end of this year perhaps we’ll know for definite whether it’ll be clear sailing, or time to pack our bags and say farewell to something with so much promise.

Classifying e-cigarettes as medicine does not make sense – euranet plus inside

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TuesdayВ in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the smell of cigarettes was probably in all MEPв sВ noses as they votedВ the revised tobacco products directive. Concerning the e cigarettes, they decided to not regulate them as a medical product.В Belgian MEP FrГ dГ rique Ries, who is the spokesperson for the Liberal and Democrat Group onВ tobacco products, was really pleased with this new decision. For her, classifying e cigarettes as medicine does not make sense.

The European Parliament voted in favor of not classifying e cigarettes as a medicinal product. This was one of the main pointsВ includedВ inВ the revised tobacco products directive.В E cigarettes wonв t be sold in chemists andВ not be subject to the same rules as medicinal products, but they willВ be regulated. For the Belgian MEP,В в it would have made no practical sense to deprive customers of access to the new electronic products that are proving successful in weaning people off the harmful effects of tobacco”.

Classifying e cigarettes as medicine does not make sense by Euranet Plus Official