• Why is a cigarette called a ‘fag’ in slang?

    “Fag” is short for “fagg t”. A fagg t is (among other items) a smouldering bundle of twigs or tind

  • How do you light a fag or cigarette?

    You would put the cigarette in your mouth, light your lighter or strike a match, hold the flame to t

  • Does fag mean cigarette?

    Yes, but only in the UK and Ireland.

  • What should you do if a girl calls you a fag?

    The word ‘fag’ can be said to either gays or straight people and it’s rude! This girl needs to learn

  • Is it illegal to call someone a fag in public?

    Free speech would protect that right . As wrong as it may View Not necessarily. Dependin

Menthol cigarettes banned by european parliament – but e-cigs spared (from wirral globe)

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4 years ago I was smoking 40 tobacco cigarettes a day and had started to develop a smokers cough and decided it was time to take action. Over the years I had tried all the nicotine replacement substitutes including patches, inhalers, chewing gums and even snuff (which incidentally is in my opinion more addictive than cigarettes) all of which failed. So, 4 years ago the new electronic cigarettes gave me the opportunity to have another go (Didn t have the will power to go cold turkey) From the day I purchased my first vaping I have never touched a tobacco one. The smokers cough disappeared in 4 days and after 6 weeks I realised my blood pressure had reduced to the point where I did away with the BP tablets. The past 4 years have seen tremendous development in the quality of the equipment and the fluids that are used in the vapourisers and they have been so successful for me that I have converted over 40 people on to them. I would estimate that 30 out of the 40 or so (75 80%) have been as successful as I have in never touched a tobacco product again. However , here is the crunch are an estimated 1.5 million users of in the UK and I believe that the government are so concerned at the huge loss of duty and VAT that they are now trying to interfere and legislate on them with the intention of recovering their losses. They are trying to use the excuse that the equipment is un tested and possibly dangerous with the probable intention of taxing the equipment and fluids. Well, as far as I am concerned this equipment could have possibly saved my life along with numbers others and without doubt improved our health. Bearing the facts in mind, HMG are the biggest hypocrites I have come don t want smokers to give up at will lose too much revenue(and already have done), so even if they do legislate I will continue use and if necessary obtain the equipment and fluids through the back door. Just thought you might like some of the facts from users rather than getting scare mongering stories from objectors (HMG, NHS, Cancer Research, EU and tobacco manufacturers Llamedos 1