What is an NJOY e cigarette?

An e cigarette is made up of a battery, e liquid, and an atomizing device, which is basically a heater that turns the e liquid into vapor. Our NJOY Kings are a disposable e cigarette which looks and feels like a traditional tobacco cigarette. The NJOY Recharge has a rechargeable battery and a replaceable Flavor Chamber. Click here to learn more about e cigarettes.

Why are so many people switching to NJOY?

Well, not to toot our own horns, but there are a lot of good reasons. Here are a few of our favorites

No Ashes An NJOY produces no ashes, so you don t have to mess with dirty ashtrays or litter Mother Earth with your stinky butts.

No Cigarette Smell Cigarettes smell gross, but NJOY vapor doesn’t. So no more smoky bar hair or hideous lingering scent in your car, couch or clothes.

Damn Satisfying In short, NJOY electronic cigarettes taste damn good. They come in a variety of rich flavors, and every part of the device has been meticulously engineered to maximize your pleasure. It s why we called them simply NJOY rather than something techy or fancy like most of the other guys.

How much nicotine is in NJOY products?

That depends on the NJOY product family and your own personal preference.

NJOY Kings Our Bold contain 4.5% nicotine, or 45mg/ml, while Gold contains 2.4% nicotine, or 24mg/ml. and Menthol flavor contain 3.0% nicotine, or 30mg/ml.

NJOY Recharge The amount of nicotine depends on the flavor chamber. Bold Tobacco contains 4.5% nicotine, or 45mg/ml, while Gold Tobacco contains 2.4% nicotine, or 24mg/ml. and Menthol flavor contains 3.0% nicotine, or 30mg/ml nicotine. Our Vanilla Bean and Pomegranate flavors have 1.8% nicotine or 18mg/ml.

NJOY Vape NJOY s e liquids for vaping gives you a choice of 1.0% nicotine or 10mg/ml, or 1.5% nicotine or 15mg/ml for all of the flavors that we sell.

Is NJOY cheaper than smoking cigarettes?

This is a tricky one, but the best answer is probably. Taxes and prices for tobacco products vary, but both have been skyrocketing up lately. NJOY will likely save you a solid chunk of change compared to cigarettes, but how much depends on where you live and your individual smoking patterns.

What s in NJOY&#39 s products compared to cigarettes made by tobacco companies?

The main ingredients are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, and the secondary ingredients are nicotine and flavors that give NJOY e cigs their signature taste. Now, we know there were a few scientific words back there, so here s what it all means in just plain English

Propylene Glycol In NJOY s products, propylene glycol provides the vapor mist that looks like tobacco smoke and gives the vapor some of its lasting flavor.

Vegetable Glycerin This helps in the vapor process and also maintains that lasting flavor..

Nicotine This one probably isn t news for most of you, but Nicotine is an alkaloid found in nature usually the tobacco plant.

Flavors Since we re not jamming these things full of tobacco, like Big Tobacco companies do with traditional cigarettes, we need to add a few flavors to load NJOY products with that rich, superior taste./p> Ok, but what do they taste like?

Most people will tell you that NJOY products taste like their cigarette counterparts, only much, much better. Meaning, the Menthols taste like a better version of Menthols and the Traditionals taste like tobacco without all the tobacco bitterness and harsh aftertaste you d expect from having a fire three inches from your mouth.

Will NJOY help me quit smoking?

NJOY can help you quit a lot of things. It can help you quit stinking. It can help you quit littering. It can help you quit annoying everyone around you.

If you really want to quit smoking we want you to try every method imaginable and find the one that works for you. And we would suggest starting by talking to your doctor and checking out our friends at

NJOY products are not intended nor are they marketed for use as smoking cessation aids.

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