Marlboro Ultra Lights contain 0.5 mg of nicotine and 6 mg of tar. They are considered to be the lightest Marlboro cigarettes available in the United States.

It comes in a silver box and has much less nicotine and tar content than Marlboro Red. The tobacco is milder, the taste is really smooth and does not irritate the throat. The filter of Marlboro Ultra Lights is penetrated with holes which diffuse the tobacco smoke with fresh air. Thus the smoker is prevented from ingesting the full amount of nicotine.

Marlboro Ultra Lights were created to meet the tastes of social smokers. These stylish cigarettes are favored by social smokers as they are not as addictive. The light taste of Marlboro Ultra Lights makes smoking a perfect occupation to accompany relaxing glamor atmosphere with the minimum harm to human health. The cigarettes are distinguished by unique mild taste, attractive package and affordable price! Marlboro Ultra Lights is a perfect combination of top quality tobacco and reasonable price.

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Marlboro Ultra Lights Box Cigarettes made under authority of Philip Morris Products SA.

Smoking seriously harms you and others around you.

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I give them 4 because I’m not sure if they are the reason I woke up this morning with my throat feeling funny. I used to smoke Newports, switched to Newport Lights then just recently switched to Marlboro 100’s. Local Walgreens didn’t have the regulars lights (never seem to) so I got the Special Blend version because they seemed to be the closest thing to it. They taste completely different from each other so I couldn’t say which ones I like better. The Special Blend is just as light but they feel smoother and taste more like a full flavor without making them any stronger than regular lights so they’re much different from others. I like them and if they’re not the reason my throat feels this way then I might actually switch.

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