Glamour CigarettesGlamour cigarettes are light ladies’ cigarettes in a convenient package. The basic formats include lights and superlights.

Stylish flavored cigarettes are characterized by original taste properties, beautiful design and a relatively low cost. Gallaher Liggett-Ducat Company (JTI brand owner) is the official manufacturer.

Glamour cigarettes are positioned as cigarettes for the successful young women in the market.

They are almost half the price of the most fashionable ladies cigarettes -Vogue cigarettes, so they do not belong to the class of elite cigarettes. But Glamour has special qualities which are important for many customers, so the popularity of this brand is growing rapidly.

A functional and convenient pack, which fits easily into a handbag and does not occupy a lot of space there is one of the features of Glamour cigarettes.

On the other hand, special flavor may be noted as well. Light tobacco is hardly observed in its flavor in Glamour cigarettes, but the flavors used in the manufacture of these cigarettes turn these cigarettes into a truly original thing.

They can be smoked as often as one wants, and without risking health, one can enjoy a mild taste and aroma.

The advertising slogan of this brand of cigarettes is widely known – «Glamour. Bright detail. ”

Indeed, the design of packs of Glamour brand looks very bright and is intensely rich on delicate shades. The most popular types of Glamour cigarettes comprise Glamour Lilac, Glamour Amber, and of course, cigarettes in original packs of Glamour Superslims Pinks and Glamour Superslims Menthol.

The history of Glamour cigarettes begins in 2005. Then the JTI Company, a manufacturer of LD, Sobranie, Camel, Winston released the first batch of Glamour cigarettes into the market.

The brand was not the part of a powerful wide advertising support, but it still became popular. And within two years it became widely known in 17 different countries in Europe.

Glamour cigarettes were liked by the target consumer, and the focus on the originality of the packaging also turned to be very successful.

Now Glamour cigarettes are known without any advertising, and the cigarettes of this brand are bought very well.

A more reasonable cost compared to other popular ladies’ cigarettes, good market positioning, catchy attractive design of the very cigarettes and packaging, plus high quality flavors and almost imperceptible very light tobacco, – all these advantages could not remain unnoticed and became strong advantages of Glamour cigarettes over competitors.