BACKGROUND&#x02014 There is some evidence that tobacco companies marketing efforts undermine the effects of comprehensive tobacco control programmes.
OBJECTIVE&#x02014 To determine whether point of purchase advertising and promotions are more pervasive in states where comprehensive tobacco control programmes are underway.
DESIGN&#x02014 Cross sectional survey using 1996&#x000a0 data, with merged records of the existence of local tobacco advertising restrictions.
PARTICIPANTS AND SETTING&#x02014 581 tobacco retail stores located in close proximity to high schools in mainland USA.
MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES&#x02014 Existence of gift with purchase, number of interior advertisements, and exterior store advertisements for Marlboro cigarettes.
RESULTS&#x02014 After controlling for store type and existence of advertising restrictions, offer of a gift with purchase for Marlboro cigarettes was significantly more likely in states with comprehensive tobacco control programmes than those without programmes (odds ratio 2.59,&#x000a0 95% confidence interval 1.57&#x000a0 to 4.26). Although not significant, results show an increase in the number of interior and exterior store advertisements for stores located in states with a comprehensive tobacco control programme than those in other states.
CONCLUSION&#x02014 Results suggest some point of purchase tobacco promotions and advertising are more pervasive in states with comprehensive tobacco control programmes. These efforts are likely to act against the objectives of programmes and need to be accounted for in programme evaluations.

Keywords advertising public policy value added promotions

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