Typical of the Samson cigarettes brand is the lion’s head, which can be found above the lettering on all products. This gives the brand a high recognition value. The Samson cigarettes tobacco is available in different versions. It is used for rolling cigarettes yourself. The matching cigarette paper is also available from Samson. The Samson cigarettes tobacco is produced in the Netherlands, the city of Groning. The brand is owned by Koninklijke Theodorus Niemeyer. For almost a century of existence, it has been raised to the rank of a classic.

Samson cigarettes are smoked gently, smoldering slowly, allowing you to fully experience the taste of Virginia and Burley tobacco blend. Due to its medium strength, it does not tear the throat and is suitable for every day. The aroma has a smoked flavor that will please experienced smokers. Samson cigarettes have a persistent, pronounced sour smell.

The tobacco of Samson cigarettes is a variety of Turkish selection, according to its strength it belongs to the middle class. In Turkey and some countries of the East, it is considered an elite variety. Fragrant, with an exceptionally rich bouquet. The plant is tall from 1.5 to 3 m in height. The variety is fruitful, the leaves are large, rounded. The flowers are drooping, tubular, bright crimson, the plant looks very beautiful at the time of flowering. Good to have in the garden!

The above-mentioned tobacco is intended for the manufacture of Samson cigarettes. It goes well with thin paper, does not disintegrate, it is convenient for processing. Samson cigarettes are sold in branded, precisely measured pouches.

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