VAPESTICK Electronic Cigarettes The Ultimate E Cigarette

The VAPESTICKВ range of high quality electronic cigarettes is the modern and stylish alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

They feel and taste just like tobacco cigarettes, but instead of harmful tobacco smoke, VAPESTICKВ electronic cigarettes produce a water based vapour that can come with, or without, nicotine. You get the same smoking sensation as with tobacco smoke, with the same physical and visual cues, but electronic cigarettes have no tar, no carbon monoxide, no ammonia, no smells, no ash and no second hand smoke dangers.

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, it is legal to use an electronic cigarette almost anywhere restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, offices, trains, planes, nightclubs, concerts, casinos, bars… anywhere!в Ёв ЁWith all these advantages, plus the fact that using an electronic cigarette costs just a fraction compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes, it is not hard to see why they have fast become such a global phenomenon, with thousands of smokers switching to these healthier and far less expensive alternatives every week.

The act of using an electronic cigarette has become known as ‘vaping’ Vaping has become the new smoking and our e cigarettes are the ultimate way to vape constructed using the latest technologies, the highest quality components and delivered at affordable prices, our electronic cigarettes have set a new benchmark in the world of vaping.

Whether you are looking for style or function, rechargeable starter kits or disposables, our top quality e cigarette range is sure to cover all your vaping needs. The signature blue LED light at the tip of every VAPESTICKВ electronic cigarette lets the world know instantly that you have chosen to vape, not smoke.

You can always be assured of value and quality when buying an electronic cigarette from VAPESTICKВ . We are founding board members of ECITA в the UK’s Trade Association for the Electronic Cigarettes Industry. As such, we must always adhere to strict guidelines on e cigarette testing and safety, as well as all promotions and packaging. Our products are also covered by comprehensive Product Liability Insurance.

For your added vaping convenience, we offer a full range of stylish and useful e cigarette accessories such as our tactile V Charger Case, a first class delivery service, a 30 days ‘no hassle’ returns policy, worldwide shipping and a highly experienced Customer Care Team who are always at the end of a phone during office hours. We also provide a no obligation Subscription service, so your e cigarette refills or disposable e cigarettes can be delivered to your doorstep regularly, ensuring that you never run out of supplies to disrupt your Vaping enjoyment. At the same time, as a Subscriber, you also qualify for a large discount off our normal prices.

As well as our online store here, you can purchase VAPESTICKВ products at Harrods, Betterware, Argos online, Costco, TESCO Pharmacies and hundreds of other independent retailers, including pubs, clubs, off licenses, newsagents and chemists.

If you, like so many smokers, have been longing for a credible alternative to smoking cigarettes, that you can also be proud to use in public, then you have finally found itв welcome to the world of VAPESTICKВ electronic cigarettes and accessories.

This website has been designed to give you all the information you could ever need about electronic cigarettes in general, and of course about the VAPESTICKВ range of e cigarette products and accessories. You will find special offers, articles, our daily e cigarette news blog, product reviews, genuine customer testimonials, a cost savings calculator, a nicotine strength identifier and a whole lot more. We hope you enjoy the VAPESTICKВ e cigarette online shopping experience!

Change your life for the better today.

Vaping gives the same sensation as tobacco smoke

The VAPESTICK feels like a cigarette, looks like a cigarette and tastes like a cigarette, but instead of ‘smoke’, it produces a harmless water ‘vapour’. This vapour gives the same sensation as tobacco smoke, but with no smell.

Which e cigarette – your review guide for electronic cigarettes

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At Which Ecigarette, we test as many electronic cigarette kits as possible and we categorize them based on multiple criteria. We are objective, passionate and open minded, being always in touch with the e cigs manufacturers and actively testing the newest kits, in order to inform you about the best solution for you. Due to the fact that reviewing a vaping device is sometimes based on personal opinions, such as a preference for a specific flavors, vapor quantity or design, we decided that by working with 5 different editors we can offer you the best opinions and the most accurate ratings on the products we put to the test.

E cigarettes are devices that mimic the experience of smoking by vaporizing flavored eliquid. Through the help of an atomizer powered by the battery, the ejuice stored in the cartridge or tank is transformed into thick clouds of vapor that give the aroma and throat hit. These ecigs are not all the same and they fall in four main categories disposable electronic cigarettes, rechargeable ecigarettes, eGo style ecigs and personal vaporizers. The disposables are designed for light smokers, social smokers and first time users the rechargeables are suited for light to medium smokers the eGo style ecigs are designed for medium to heavy smokers while the personal vaporizers are best suited for heavy smokers, techies and advanced users.

E Liquid is the fluid that fuels the Electronic Cigarette. It comes in cartomizers for cigarette a like devices and in bottles for eGo ecigs and personal vaporizers. It s usually made out of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavor and nicotine. Many companies try to find the perfect balance between these ingredients in order to deliver best vapor production, excellent throat hit and amazing flavor and this is why we like to thoroughly test each product for these properties before writing our reviews.

The battery is also an essential element of any ecigarette, therefore when we test these devices we are very attentive to responsiveness, autonomy and recharge time. We also know that our readers pay attention to detail and diversity and this is why we try to present all the available features of the products that end up in our hands.

Most companies sell their devices in starter kits, which are customized for certain categories of vapers. A starter kit usually contains one or two batteries, a set of flavored cartridges or a bottle of eliquid, a wall charger and an USB charger. As the prices of these kits vary, so do the box contents but we only focus our attention on the most accessible ones and with the best value for money in order to give you the best solution to your needs.

With so many ecig brands on the market and so many products to choose from, we know how difficult it can be to set your mind on a specific device and that s why we are confident that our work will help you make the best decision. A starter kit may seem like a big investment at the beginning, but after reading about the pros and cons and about how much money it will help you save on the long run, you will grow more confident of giving vaping a chance.

The electronic cigarette industry is a relatively new one too, that’s why we do our best to keep a blog that offers you the most important news, informs you about the newest trends and teaches you how to use and do the maintenance of your ecigarette. You can also find information about the benefits of vaping, nicotine dosage, eliquid flavors and ingredients and types of ecigarettes. This way, you only have to follow us and get all the information you will ever need. We are also extremely social! We run daily updated social media profiles on almost every network, and a member of our team will answer your questions at any hour. That, if you didn’t already started a live chat with one of us directly on the website.

Unlike other review sites, we allow our users to vote their favorite brands based on their personal experience and to explain in the comments section if they are happy or not with the kit they purchased. This way you can be sure that the ratings you see are not manipulated or biased by someone’s opinion. While other sites are nothing but a bunch of flashing banners and annoying sales pitches, we are always trying to keep ourselves informed about new deals and products and update our reviews accordingly while only working with the ultimate best ecig brands on the market.

We are also making deals with some of the companies in order to give our readers some amazing discounts on starter kits and more. You can end up saving as much as 20% off the retail sale price if you constantly browse our website and especially the Specials & Discounts section. We don’t promote the electronic cigarettes as the only alternative to smoking cessation, but as a healthier alternative, which has been proven by multiple laboratory tests and health organizations. We will explain to you the benefits, show you the pros and cons and share the experience of other users before leaving you to decide if e cigs are the solution for you.

Using e cigarettes is one of the latest trends, and more and more people are daily deciding to make the big switch. This is what motivates us and that’s why we will continue writing about our favorite kits, new technologies and the flavors that satisfy our demands in order to help you become an electronic cigarette savvy that only spends his money on products that fully satisfy his expectations. We do all of this in a friendly environment where we appreciate your insights and try to create a solid community that ads real value to the online electronic cigarette world.