When you try the White Cloud e cigarette, you can tell immediately that it’s a quality product. It used to carry the highest price tag as well. For those who are making a long term investment in an electronic cigarette we thought the higher price was justified with a lower cost it’s definitely worth considering. The White Cloud is a smooth vape, and the company says that their hand assembled components will last longer than some of their competitors. We couldn’t judge that in the course of one of our e cig reviews, of course, but we find that assertion to be believable.

This was another e cig that had a smooth draw, rather than a powerful throat hit. In fact, the company calls their cartridges “Smooth Draw” for good reason. There is a different type of technology involved in the White Cloud cartridges, involving the placement of the heating coil and other components this means the cartridge won’t overheat and give you that “lip burn” you feel with some products. It also means you don’t have to “prime” the e cigarette with a small puff before taking a longer drag. Even more impressive to us was the feel of White Cloud in our hand it had a solid feel and no vapor leak at all. We got a nice amount of vapor on the exhale which is our second important consideration when it comes to ratings. The battery charge and cartridges lasted a little longer than average.

We tested the Cirrus 3X kit, which comes with three batteries, 25 cartridges, a USB charger with AC adapter, a car charger and a two year warranty, a warranty that’s unusual in the industry and backs up White Cloud’s claim to technological excellence. As we’ve mentioned this is the most expensive starter kit out there, but it’s complete and has everything you need to vape. There are also other, less expensive kits available, with smaller batteries or variety cartridge packs included. Read the rest of this entry AND GET DISCOUNT CODES

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YESCiGS e cigarette is battery powered inhaler that delivers realistic smoking experience and satisfies nicotine cravings in form of light vapour instead of physical smoke. You can still enjoy “smoking” without worrying about cancerous toxins associated with smoking conventional tobacco products. Our e cigs are not considered as quit smoking aid, however they can help ween you off smoking tobacco or cigarettes. Among many benefits of making the switch are

  • No tar, ash, carbon monoxide and smoke odour
  • No passive smoking risks to others around you
  • YESCiGS e cigarette does not pose a fire hazard
  • Considerably cheaper than ordinary cigarettes or tobacco
  • Freedom to “smoke” anywhere as UK smoking ban does not restrict the use of an e cigarette in public places

YESCiGS electronic cigarette looks and feels much like traditional cigarette, however it does feature distinctive blue light to avoid any confusion. It is also very easy to use, consisting of rechargeable battery and a disposable cartomizer. If the battery gets low, just pop it into the charger included in the kit, cartomizers are just as easy to replace once they run out.

Our extensive range of products offers variety of kits in different sizes and styles. Disposable e cigs are also available for those who simply wish to try out an electronic cigarette for the first time. There is no better time to switch to YESCiGS, just check out our wide range of kits at very competitive prices.