Pipes And Super Pipes

An item showing different smoking pipes from all over the world.

Keeping Their Hand In

An item showing auxiliary soldiers in Dublin during revolver practise.


Footage of dignitaries at the Grand Semaine in France.

Big Dock Fire At Calais Aka Huge Dick Fire

Footage of Calais docks on fire, France.

Safety Last First!

Stunts are performed on a motorcycle including lighting a cigarette whilst standing on the saddle.

Naval Terms Illustrated

Light hearted item explains the meaning of several naval terms on a ship at sea.

Don’t Spread Germs Trailer

Short trailer film telling people to use disinfectant to avoid the spread of germs.

Meth Drinkers

Five men in suits smoking by the roadside.

Marlboro full flavor 100s cigarettes – reviews for marlboro cigarettes online

Native brand discount cigarettes


I use to smoke Marlboro (for years) and quit because of the price going up $2/pk. they were on special a few times so I gave them a try again. It was actually very unpleasing, I get 100’s because I can’t smoke a whole one, so me and my fiancee share one, but smoking one of these is EXACTLY like the shorts, they burn WAY too fast. I won’t be buying them unless they know how to fill a cigarette properly. I can pack them to 1/2 an inch to a full inch below the paper. Pall Mall’s are much more worth the money, actually I think camel shorts are worth more then these. I wish they would go back to how they use to make them, that’s the only way I’ll purchase them again.

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