Iqos is smoked without combustion, so naturally there is no smoke, bitterness, or ash. Flavors can be chosen according to preference.

The iqos heets Green sticks deliver a unique taste and impeccable quality with every smoke, while minimizing exposure to some substances. Lightly flavored tobacco bar. The menthol, lime, and tobacco flavors are similar to the dark green Japanese Marlboro, but less intense. The iqos heets Green sticks have subtle orange and lemon flavors.

Stick tobacco with the soft power of menthol and a subtle citrus aroma. The package is green. Heets is a professional tobacco stick designed to be heated in a special system.

Visually, the iqos heatsticks cigarettes are divided into a filter and a tobacco “capsule,” but the design is somewhat more complex. The tobacco-filled portion is followed by a cavity to cool the smoke before inhalation.

The iqos heets Green sticks consist of four parts: The first part is the traditional filter, similar to a classic acetate filter. Its function is to remove certain particles that might enter its area. In practice, however, you will find them just as clean as when you started. The second filter is made of biodegradable plastic or polymer and is responsible for removing excess temperature and moisture from the vapor. It also traps compounds and prevents inhalation.

The third filter is also made of typical acetate filter material. The iqos heets have openings that enhance suction. The last part of the heets contains the tobacco heating element. The heating element is made of paper with a metal sheet (such as aluminum foil) on the inside to enhance heat dissipation.

Tobacco is a mixture of 70% tobacco and 30% glycerin. Food grade glycerin is used to seal and retain moisture in tobacco leaves. When heated, it releases water vapor, the excess of which is collected in a biopolymer. The glycerin used in heets is a common compound used as a food additive, creams or vaping liquids.

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