Warning inscriptions and images on cigarette boxes are considered to be an effective tool in opposing the habit to consume tobacco. Legal issues specially settle the designs and sizes of such warnings in order to prove the tobacco users that their habit causes their death.

The idea can be also understood so that smokers are complete idiots. A smoker is apparently considered as a too stupid person to comprehend the sense of anti-smoking propagande led by all means of mass media. It is apparently necessary to depict a warning on a cigarette pack in order to let a smoker finally understand that their addiction kills them.

Of course, everyone dare have a personal opinion but, in general sense, such ideas are the insult for smokers. They are evidently treated like children who are unable to comprehend something until it is explained many times and in several ways.

Those who lead such policies do scarcely know and understand the smoker’s psychology.

Smokers are not kids and are enough conscious to understand the follows of their behaviour. But the smoking has a great number of advantages, which are more important to smokers.

There are many descriptions how the smoking enables to control the nervous state, physical weight, brain activity and there is no need to repeat all of them.

These things are well-known since a long time and they are the reason why tobacco users are actually AFRAID to quit smoking.

Because they will not feel any more protected if they quit.

Yeah, smokers feel protected against dangers of our reality as long as they consume cigarettes.

The life without cigarettes can seem to be a danger for smokers. Therefore, they will barely become attentive to warnings depicted on tobacco packs, no matter whether those are colorful or black-and-white, big or small-sized.

We now also get to know surprising news that the smoking is a protection against some mortal diseases alike Parkinson’s disease. The researches based on statistics date witness that smokers do much more rarely die from Parkinson’s disease in comparison to non-smokers.

This is else reason why smokers will scarcely pay attention to the inscriptions. Really, how can they believe that their beloved cigarettes can cause their death if they know that they are protected against horrible diseases due to their cigarettes.

Those who initiate smoking bans have to estimate these factors as well and be more flexible in inventing similar measures.

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