Chesterfield is a brand of cigarettes, which are popular all over the world, with a history that lasts more than a century. For all its existence, this tobacco brand was bought up three times by various giants engaged in the production and sale of cigarettes. But, nowadays, consumers are able to buy cheap cigarettes of this brand.

As a result of the resale of the brand, the composition of cigarettes and the design of the packaging have been constantly changing and today they do not correspond to their original appearance. The modern brand is presented in three colors. The front side shows the inscription: the name of cigarettes placed on the logo background. The logo itself is the first letter of the name Chesterfield C, on which a golden crown is placed.

Like other brands, Chesterfield cigarettes are divided into types by strength (the number of tar and nicotine in the composition). But you are to buy cheap cigarettes of such composition in web shops.
Chesterfield Classic Red (Chester Red). The strongest of the types, designed for experienced smokers with experience, mainly for men of heavy professions. Packed in a red and white pack and has the following characteristics:

12 mg tar;
0.9 mg nicotine;
80 mm length.
Chesterfield Classic Blue (chesterfield blue). This kind of cigarettes is packed in a white and blue pack. Chester Blue is popular among men and women.
8 mg tar;
0.6 mg nicotine;
80 mm length.
Chesterfield Blue Compact is an analogue of Chester Blue, featuring a special pack shape rounded at the corners.
Chesterfield Classic Bronze cigarettes (Chester bronze). The brand was designed for women who buy cheap cigarettes in web shops. The packaging design is made in an attractive gold color that attracts girls so much. The composition of this Chester is softer:
4 mg tar;
0.4 mg nicotine;
80 mm length.