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Cosmos Description

Cosmos cigarette is famous brand of joint stock company “”TUTUN CTC“” Tobacco Company. It’s a European very famous fag manufacturer that products annually near 9.3 milliard of cigarettes items that are realized on tobacco markets of almost all South East European tobacco markets. Tutun CTC is one of biggest tobacco company from former USSR states.

Cosmos cigarette own a brand name that can be descried as of international meaning. It is near for global smokers of all foreign states that prefer taste of rich premium tobacco.This smoking fag is distinguished by very rich aroma that along with best sorts of tobacco express a unique smoking experience. It’s prepared from blended tobacco of time experienced quality and in combination with special additives smoking of this zealous fag became more “unexpected and inexperienced”.

Fact that these fine blended cigarettes own a longer filter then ordinary cigarettes make Cosmos smoking to be more polished and tobacco brand can be easily recognized through its hard pack of dark blue color. Brand name is written on top of pack and a celestial star that is placed in center of cigarette box. Cosmos cigarettes are produced in king size, 84mm, and are in number of 20 in each cigarettes provided smoking adventure that is incomparable and unique in its taste.”