Kiss cigarettes were created under the control of the British “Development Tobacco Company” (ITC), a Tobacco Company that uses the best kind of tobacco in each Kiss cigarette.

Kiss is the primary decision smoking item for the individuals who cherish the excellence, energy and first-class quality!

It is the principal super slim smoking brand which has an outstanding and fancied name is Kiss! The significance of Kiss word, as indicated by lexicons, is the demonstration of touching one’s lips against the body of another. For instance a Kiss might be utilized to show suppositions of adoration, energy, love, regard, welcome, kinship, and good fortunes, between individuals.

“Kiss” originates from Old English cyssan “to kiss” thus from coss “a kiss”. Along these lines, thusly the demonstration of kissing has turned into a standard articulation of indicating friendship among many societies around the world. With Kiss cigarettes you will feel our friendship for you!

Kiss cigarette taste resembles a lady kiss, wonderful, beguiling, genuine and sweet. Its taste is ladylike and sought as well as its pack plan. The blue, green, rose, red, violet, peachy stripes, contingent upon the ladies characters, put on the correct side vertically on a white foundation make Kiss’ packs more alluring and ladylike.

The lady beguiling has a mystery – her sensuality. The mystery of Kiss cigarettes is their excellent as a result of the adjusted determination of cigarettes’ tobacco leaves, prepared in a few corners – in Malawi, Greece, Brazil, and Argentine.

Numerous ladies picked Kiss cigarettes simply because of its in vogue pack, high tobacco quality and rebate cost offered by our online cigarettes store.

Kiss cigarettes can be purchased on our online tobacco shop in various styles.

Despite the fact that cigarettes differ in length, their diameter remains unchanged – 5 mm. As for the content of nicotine, tar and CO, the ratio of these substances is extremely small – 0.5: 5: 5 milligrams per cigarette.

Products are manufactured in a quantity of 20 units in a pack. The block consists of 10 such packages. Compared with the other cigarettes of known foreign brands, as well as domestic products, “Kiss” represents a worthy competition. The quality of tobacco here is quite high, and for a variety of tastes, this product remains out of reach.

Despite the fact that Kiss cigarettes are considered to be female, however they are bought not only by women. If we compare the number of packs bought by women, with the number of men who prefer this brand, it is possible that an equal ratio will be obtained. What is the reason? Yes, it is all in the same quality, a variety of flavors and, of course, the cost.
Kiss cigarettes are introduced for young, energetic, and faithful smokers!