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Marlboro 83’s. anybody else tried them? – cigarette forum & smokers community

Cigarettes price comparison in tesco at mysupermarket
#1 (permalink) 06 10 2012, 01 21 AM Opie Knievel Junior Member Join Date Jun 2012 Location United States Posts 2 Rep Power 0 Marlboro 83’s. Anybody else tried them?

I was at the gas station tonight the guy in front of me asked for a pack of 83’s. I’d never heard of them and the box looked really cool so I bought a pack. They’re, pretty good but they’re the same price as any other regular Marlboro flavor so I’m not really sure what the difference is. Tastes pretty much like a red. Awesome box though. #2 (permalink) 06 10 2012, 03 08 AM Opie Knievel Junior Member Join Date Jun 2012 Location United States Posts 2 Rep Power 0

They are a few millimeters longer than a box red. #3 (permalink) 06 10 2012, 02 29 PM Chief Smoker Super Moderator Join Date Oct 2008 Posts 446 Rep Power 50

Never heard of them but I’m definitely going to try them! #4 (permalink) 06 11 2012, 06 01 PM unprize Entry Member Join Date Jun 2012 Location United States Posts 1 Rep Power 0

I bummed one off a friend a couple days ago. There a little different in taste to a red but not much. Dont think I’ll buy my own soon though. #5 (permalink) 06 11 2012, 10 18 PM 3BBarnes Entry Member Join Date Jun 2012 Location United States Posts 1 Rep Power 0 I smoking one now

They don’t taste bad, I normally smoke Marlboro menthols. The store I work at just got them in and I decided to try them. They go down a little harsh but they do have a nice flavor and the box design is cool. #6 (permalink) 06 14 2012, 06 23 PM gatrman56 Moderator Join Date Sep 2010 Location 29.19870 N, 82.09675 W (USA) Posts 219 Rep Power 25

I got a pack of them bad really….
firdt pack of smokes I’ve bought in about 6 7
no where as good as RYO Marlboro..
Oh well very much so, worth trying.
Bet if they had NO FSC ,they’d be 99%
better !!!!!!

gatrman56 #7 (permalink) 06 16 2012, 02 59 PM pmilander Member Join Date Dec 2011 Location United States Posts 31 Rep Power 0

I really like these, they taste like a sweet milder Red
I may jump from brand to brand but at the end of a long day you just cant beat a Lucky Strike. #8 (permalink) 06 19 2012, 11 31 AM pmilander Member Join Date Dec 2011 Location United States Posts 31 Rep Power 0

After smoking two packs of these I can say that I really like them. I know they are just a little longer RED but they taste so much better. I can only assume that the better taste is because they are new and they are just alot fresher Reds than you would normally get.
I may jump from brand to brand but at the end of a long day you just cant beat a Lucky Strike. #9 (permalink) 06 23 2012, 12 33 AM cooldude Senior Member Join Date Oct 2008 Location Gulf Coast, Florida Posts 239 Rep Power 29

They don’t have them yet in my area that I can find but they were just added to the CigReviews Reviews page under ‘Find by Brand’. Somebody that has tried these, please, navigate there (by clicking the HOME link above) and write a review for them. #10 (permalink) 08 18 2012, 03 12 PM Call Me Arizona Junior Member Join Date Aug 2012 Location United States Posts 13 Rep Power 0

I’ve only bummed a couple, but they just taste like a fresher, somewhat sweeter Red. I liked it better than the regular Reds, actually.