West – A legendary German tobacco made from the finest traditional German ingredients. Remsma began production of this tobacco product series in 1981 and quickly won the hearts of consumers. Thanks to a bold and colorful advertising campaign, demand for the product increased significantly. Of course, effective marketing was not the only reason for the product’s popularity. The manufacturer was not afraid to experiment. As a result, from West’s production came the tobacco pouches now known as American Blend.

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What are West cigarettes?

West cigarettes are premium cigarettes. West cigarettes are the only cigarette brand with a unique filter design in which a plastic “fan” is attached to the filter to cool the tobacco smoke. No other cigarette seems to have this technology. The company has patented this design, and each cigarette filter is engraved with a corresponding inscription. West cigarettes are designed with a silver, white, and red color scheme. The brand slogan “Trilogy of Success” combines the brand’s three strengths: international quality, modern design, and affordability. A well-balanced pack of classic American blends with a distinct Burley flavor. West cigarettes are all ample and all moderate. Strength is moderate. Good tobacco flavor, some sauce, some spice.