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E-cigarettes affect cells : nature news & comment

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James T. Dwyer 2014 04 10 03 44 AM The article abstract states “… The higher concentration was chosen to represent the anticipated nicotine levels to which the epithelial cells of smokers are actually exposed. In anchorage independent growth assays, the in vitro correlate of malignant transformation, we found enhanced colony growth in the H3mut P53/KRAS cells following a 10 day treatment with the high nicotine ECIG and TCIG conditioned media compared to the untreated and low nicotine treatment groups.” I interpret this to indicate that it was only the increased levels of nicotine that actual smokers are expected to be exposed to actually produced the reported “similar pattern of gene expression” to those expected for smokers. The abstract goes on to state that “The lower nicotine concentration was selected to mimic the average plasma nicotine levels in ENDS e cig users and did not demonstrate toxic or anti proliferative effects on the cells.” I suggest that it should be concluded from these initial results that e cigs appear to reduce the risks of cancer compared to continued smoking… As I understand, it has been shown that inhalation or ingestion of many combustion by products can have carcinogenic effects see I also understand that direct exposure to chewing tobacco or inhalation of snuff (crushed or pulverized tobacco leaves) can also cause cancer. As I understand, it has not been established that the inhalation of nicotine vapor produced by e cigs can cause cancer… Certainly, additional research is needed to determine whether inhalation of nicotine vapor is carcinogenic and how it compares to smoking. In the meantime, biased summaries of preliminary in vitro research does little or nothing to resolve the issue!