camel_filtersIn 1913, R.J. Reynolds hit the market with newest tobacco trend, namely the packaged cigarettes. The most tobacco users, who smoked homemade and self-rolled cigarettes, were surprised with an opportunity to buy pre-packaged cigarettes.

Reynolds attempted to create a flavor, which as he thought would be more engaging than any aroma of other items.

So, the Camel cigarettes had appeared which were so named because the Turkish paper was utilized for their fabrication.

Reynolds even managed to distribute around 425 million packs of Camels during just one year.

Camel cigarettes were initially promoted as having a milder taste in comparison to much harsher brands. This promoting style was a model for endeavors to influence popular sentiment. Another advertizing system was the utilization of a Circus camel, ‘Old Joe’, which was driven through town and used to disseminate free cigarettes. The brand’s catchphrase motto that was utilized for a long time, was “I’d walk a mile for a Camel!”

The most popular style of Camel cigarettes presentation is a delicate pack, unfiltered assortment (for the most part known as Camel Straights or Regulars). These were the primary blends of Camels to be marketed.

In late 1987, RJR made “Joe Camel” became the mascot for the brand.

On July 1, 2000, the “Turkish” assortment of Camel cigarettes becomes available. In 2000, Reynolds Tobacco presented Camel Turkish Gold, a non-menthol cigarette. In the late spring of 2001, the company presented the Camel Turkish Jade, a menthol-based cigarette.

In 2005, Camel introduced new changes to the Turkish flavors by including the cigarette paper and changing the channel shading and outline. Additionally in 2005, the Turkish Silver cigarettes were presented. These are a kind of ultra light cigarettes of three Turkish blends. Turkish Royal cigarettes are a “full flavor” variant, and Turkish Gold ones are classified as the light version.

As you see, there are various special kinds of the Camel cigarettes and you will not select your preferred variant until you try them once.

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