Cigarettes with a button are a special kind of cigarettes that is known to a great number of smokers, purchasing cheap cigarettes online. In the filter, they have a capsule with flavoring. After pressing the button, a new taste penetrates the cigarette. Taste can be menthol, wild berries, citrus, and many other options, constantly coming up with new ones.
Popular brands of cigarettes with a button are Bond, Winston, Marlboro, Kent, and Rothmans.
Cigarettes with a button were invented 100 years ago in the United States. In other countries, the popularity of cigarettes began to grow several years ago. It is possible that we will probably face the ban of this type of tobacco products. Although, smokers now commonly order them as cheap cigarettes online.

In the modern world, flavors occupy a very significant place.
Everything is flavored, from gel pens and other stationery to toilet paper and even flashlights.
Cigarettes also did not escape this trend. Changing the taste when smoking occurs ways of breaking through a special capsule, which is located inside the filter.
Aromatic capsules in cigarettes can be crushed with your fingers or you can crack them with your teeth – as you prefer.

After that, a smoking person feels the taste of lemon, mint, menthol, wild berries, raspberries, strawberries – there are many options.
Almost all known tobacco rulers have in their assortment cigarettes with a button, the photo can be seen below.
It should be understood that the flavor simply gives its taste.
It is not worse than vaping. Here, the choice of tastes is not poorer, but you enjoy the natural cigarette fumes.

You do not have to care about the probably high cigarette pricing.

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