In the 1950s and 1960s of the last century, Philip Morris then made a number of decisions that justify the global success of the brand and the decision of Australian smokers who currently buy cigarettes in online shops: Philip Morris responded by joining Marlboro in 1955 a regular long filter instead of the short filter used up until then. At the same time, new findings from marketing flowed into brand management. The design of the Marlboro pack was changed to the red and white that is still known today, and the image of the cigarette has become more masculine.

In the 1960s, Philip Morris created the image for the brand that began its economic triumph around the world and made the Marlboro cigarette brand number one in terms of sales: the cowboy was created as a Marlboro key figure and figure of identification, and with him the corresponding associations such as freedom and adventure were linked to the brand. The image had an impact on the smokers who buy cigarettes.

Since the 1970s: Marlboro in the fast lane
With the cowboy image began an incredibly dynamic development from Marlboro to the global market leader. The image of the natural living and working man (Marlboro Man), who smokes Marlboro in the saddle or around the campfire, probably resulted in a 50-fold increase in sales in the first year after the campaign was launched. The image was accordingly retained, and long-term sponsorship in formula one and motorcycle racing contributed to the expansion of brand awareness and sales figures in addition to classic brand communication.

The Marlboro in our online store.
Marlboro now offers a wide range of different blends made from Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobacco for passionate smokers to buy cigarettes. This means that there are enough flavors on offer to meet the very different expectations and preferences of the brand’s many loyal smokers. The blends of Marlboro Red and Marlboro Red Long, which offer their smokers a strong, spicy aroma in king-size or slim format, are the most substantial. In contrast, the cigarettes of the Marlboro Gold or Marlboro Advance Blue varieties are spicy, finer and less substantial. In addition, Marlboro varieties are sometimes available from our online store to buy cigarettes in a bundle with menthol stone (Marlboro Simply Blue).

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