Karelia cigarettes are produced by Karelia Tobacco Company in Kallarnata, Greece. Karelia cigarettes are your usual everyday cigarettes but are of very high quality. They can be smoked by people as their regular cigarettes, and at the same time they are good as an occasional smoke too. The company which produced this brand also manufactures other tobacco products and is an international tobacco company. The Karelia Tobacco Company is the biggest tobacco products manufacturer in Greece and is well known for its perfection and superior quality products.

Karelia are premium cigarettes and are famous throughout the world. They are made using the best quality tobacco and are known for their rich and smooth taste. These cigarettes have carved a name for themselves in the hearts of every smoke lover. These cigarettes are sold in more than 60 countries and are exported to USA too.

Karelia cigarettes come in many varieties some of the well known ones are Karelia Slims, Slims Lights, Slims Menthol Lights, and Slims Ultima. All of the varieties mentioned here are filter cigarettes and are the longer super slim design are favored by smoking ladies throughout the world for a more delicate appearance and appeal. Women in particular find this brand attractive, the product is smooth and mild, and the packaging is very elegant and stylish. Other than this, there is the menthol flavor which is getting more and more recognized in the last few years, because of the quality of tobacco and the cool taste of menthol. Both are a perfect mix, quality tobacco and cool menthol, are sure to take this Karelia variant to the top. The menthol in it gives a mild and cool feeling when you inhale the smoke. This is a hugely successful brand not once but many a times the manufacturers have openly attributed their success to the support they get from their customers.

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Smoking out tobacco: the rise of e-cigarettes
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