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Also, all cigarettes differ in strength.

Strong tobacco will appeal to experienced, long-term smokers who require a lot of nicotine. Medium-strength cigarettes are the most popular, they are smoked by both men and women with any experience. We promote these items to help you buy cigarettes online UK legal

Light cigarettes are good for those who have recently started smoking. They are also often bought by the fair ladies.

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Cigarette products have a century-old history. Cigarettes appeared in the middle of the 16th century, and tobacco began to be used long before that time. It was first used medicinally as a pain reliever. The homeland of tobacco is America. It was the ancient Indians who believed, inhaling the spicy tobacco smoke; they could communicate with the gods and the other world.

Before the first cigarettes, there were only two ways to smoke tobacco. It was beaten into a pipe or rolled into a cigar.

Interesting Facts: The first cigarettes were made in 1636 in a Spanish cigar factory. The remains of them were crushed and hammered into a rolled sheet of paper. The name comes from the French language (a cigarette is a small cigar).

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