There are so many different tobacco brands on the market today. But there is something that remains for years and decades, an unforgettable taste, a smell reminiscent of a bread crust, molasses and the aroma of freshly cut grass, a real, natural Virginia without additives – Amphora Virginia blend of Amphora cigarettes. They are highly recommended.

Amphora cigarettes tobacco is produced by the Danish company Mac Baren. It is famous for its centuries-old traditions and high quality of mixtures. The small plant in Svønnborg not only provides excellent pipe tobacco to more than 70 countries, but also supplies it to other serious tobacco companies. Mac Baren products can not be called cheap, but real connoisseurs are willing to pay for impeccable taste and the highest quality. An interesting fact is that before the launch of a new product, Mac Baren gives experienced smokers a taste of it and is careful about their opinions.

Amphora is well known to connoisseurs for its indescribable aroma and variety of flavors. The basis of the mixture is Virginia and Burley tobaccos, to which carefully verified proportions of Oriental and Cavendish varieties are added. Original aromatic additives give gourmets moments of true pleasure.

The smoke of Amphora cigarettes is pleasant, natural, not caustic, soon weathered. This, in principle, is expected from a major manufacturer – Mac Baren Company. This concern produces many cigarettes, cigarette tobaccos, pipe tobaccos and other tobacco products. But let us go back to our Amphora cigarettes. In total, there are 9 different types of tobacco in the lineup: Black Cavendish is a delicious, pronounced mixture of fire drying leaves. Not suitable for beginners because of its demanding quiet, cold smoking. Mellow Blend smacks of extra chemistry, but despite this, it is quite pleasant and does not hit the throat. Full Aroma, Rich Aroma are quite similar, no special chemistry is felt, just pleasant everyday tobaccos. More fully revealed with slow, cold smoking on the verge of attenuation, all the notes of taste are felt. Original Blend speaks for itself, typical, rather rustic, and everyday. Amphora Kentucky Blend – rather unusual taste.

To summarize: Amphora cigarettes are a lively and satisfying brand, most of the tobacco in it is quite good. The excellent Virginia deserves special mention – beyond praise.