cigarettesResearchers say people get addicted to nicotine if they start using it as youngsters.

While starting to smoke at the age of 21, people are not so much addicted to the tobacco. The legal basis is provided for such use.

For example, people in some countries dare buy cigarettes after they are 18 or 21 years old.

Many people are skeptical to such researches, but they are effective.

If we consider the matter, similar restrictions could be reasonable.

Tobacco is a pleasure, a delight, a euphoria, which must last long and be satisfactory.

But it is not a drug in a wide sense.

People use tobacco for their benefits, not to be just addicted to it.

Smokers know that their cigarettes give them a plenty of aromas and tastes, satisfy their nicotine hunger and let them enjoy a variety of flavors to any taste.

But such delight is acceptable to anyone who is able to appreciate it.

This is what youngsters are scarcely able to do.

Why do youngsters start smoking?

This is because teenagers want to feel like adults.

They think they will look out as adults if they light cigarettes online and widespread the tobacco smell.

They do not know how to consume tobacco correctly and can overdose their daily fume intakes.

As a result, they get a too strong addiction to smoking products and the risks of excessive tobacco consumptions are simultaneously growing.

Teenagers are rarely able to distinguish between high- and poor-quality cigarettes. They just want to light them and nothing more.

Having not money to purchase cigarettes in shops, they can use home-made ones, forgetting that they do not have sufficient skills to roll such products. They can mix tobacco with substances, which can be poisonous and dangerous for their health.

The same happens if they buy poor-quality tobacco products, which are not manufactured by authorized producers.

It is not difficult to imagine the follows of such consumptions.

People who come to consuming tobacco should be older and more conscious, must already be able to differ bad things from good ones.

Do not forget that the tobacco usage is not such a simple process as dunderheads can think.

Tobacco products are an ocean, within which it is not easy to find a right way. Those who want to navigate in it must be enough mature for this goal.

So, we can advise all teenagers who want to start smoking. Think whether you are sufficiently mature for that and ask yourselves whether you want to have cigarettes as your true and reliable friends or reasons of your health hazards.