So why don’t more people use coupons? No cold answer to that question. You would think that using these coupons would be on everyone’s mind. Sometimes it isn’t. You might not understand why the colors of the home, or landing, page of are red, black and white.

The reasons that these colors are chosen is simply because red, black and white are the colors on the box of Marlboro cigarettes. This can mean the difference between getting a smoke and having to bum money off of people so you can afford it. When it comes to actually getting Marlboro coupons, you can decide which way that you get them.

Smoke a whole carton to get one, or go online and print the suckers out! The second is the easier choice but I think that you see where this is all going, don’t you? It is pointless top say that a cigarette smoker really does not need those cigarettes, because any smoker will tell you that they really do need those cigarettes.

Then there will be an argument about who gets the blasted coupon!!! Not especially fun! So now you see why this article points out the inequality of coupons. Take it or leave it that is up to you. Get your Marlboro coupons now and see how easy it is to be able to save money. That is what a coupon is all about, right?

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