This study examines what Marlboro Lights smokers know about the health risks of low tar cigarettes compared with regular cigarettes, and whether they know that the filters of Marlboro Lights cigarettes have vents.

The study used data from a survey of 1,046 adult U.S. smokers, 197 of whom (19 percent) smoked Marlboro Lights, the most popular brand in the survey. Only 13 percent of these smokers knew that a low tar cigarette delivers about the same amount of tar as a regular cigarette. Only 32 percent knew that their cigarette filters contain vents, which facilitate deeper inhaling and cool the smoke to give it a lighter feeling in the mouth. Sixty two percent thought that adding a filter to a cigarette makes it less dangerous to smoke, while 60 percent thought that reducing tar in a cigarette made it less dangerous. About 15 percent thought that light cigarettes were less likely than regular cigarettes to lead to addiction.

The authors note that Marlboro Lights smokers are for the most part misinformed or uninformed about the health risks of light cigarettes. They also note that smokers of other light or ultra light brands do not know significantly more than Marlboro Lights smokers about the health risks of light cigarettes. The authors indicate that cigarette marketing reinforces perceptions that light cigarettes are safer, and suggest remedial public education as well as an overhaul of current cigarette marketing tactics.

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For a very long time Marlboro Virginia Blends were my brand of choice. After having been turned on to them by my then room mate, Ben, I went to the gas station he procured them from and bought their stock out. For the next three months the only cigarette I would touch was Marlboro Virginia Blend. When the only retailer I knew of stopped selling these wondrous cigarettes I fell into a slump and began smoking those wretched Pall Mall and L&M Reds. But when the gas station I originally bought out began selling them again I was overwhelmed with joy. Having bought a pack I smoked one as soon as I was out the door. But the taste had changed no longer did they have the thick, airy semi sweetness that once marked these as Virginia Blends, and no longer did they have the slow mellow taste that I had come to know and love. They were harsh, fast burning pieces of trash. Something changed with Virginia Blends perhaps it was the shelf life, perhaps it was the manufacturing techniques. Before this I was glad to pay the high price for them, but after getting through half of the pack I bought I had to give them away. Overall, from past and current experience, I would give these a 3 out of 5. Now if I had rated these three months ago I would have given them a 6, and had I rated this from my most recent experience I would give them a one. But, overall, they deserve a 3.

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