Esse is a popular cigarette brand in UK that is presented by a wide variety of cigarettes. Esse Exchange M Mango – cigarettes slightly resemble the previous version of the Essay, but besides the mango flavor, after pressing the capsule, there are mint notes. The mixture is made from different tobacco breeding varieties, so it stretches easily and does not cause discomfort.

Esse Exchange S Mango is a popular cigarette brand in UK, delicious strawberry-mango cigarettes. According to reviews, the dominant note of sourness. The products resemble strawberry caramel, the aroma is pleasant and unobtrusive. The strength is below average.
Esse Exchange W is a popular cigarette brand in UK, these are not not strong cigarettes with a pure tobacco aroma and a capsule, medium nicotine content. If you crush it, a rich grape flavor appears, and the aftertaste is delicate and refreshing.

Esse Field is soft, popular cigarette brand in UK, does not cause cough and sore throat. Essay products give off a pleasant tobacco aroma, which practically disappears after the completion of the process. No unpleasant tobacco odor emanates from fingers or clothing.
Esse Menthol is a popular cigarette brand in UK, these slims have a rich menthol aroma and flavor. They are quite strong, but not unpleasant. The tobacco is rich but soft.

Esse mini Exchange is a popular cigarette brand in UK, thin and short capsule cigarettes with apple-menthol flavor. At any time, you can turn the classic version into a flavored one to remove the smell of tobacco.
Esse mini Exchange W is a popular cigarette brand in UK, small thin capsule cigarettes with a pleasant and rich grape flavor, medium.

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