cigarettesThe Bond cigarettes, which were originally called as the Old Bond Street ones were conceived in the early XX century and immediately picked up prominence among London. In any case, the Morris Family (the establishing father went to heaven toward the end of the XIX century) did not manage to appreciate the products of nicotine exchange. In memory of the past, there was just the British crest with the illustrious crown, which today can be found on packs of Philip Morris International products.

The Bond Brand is promoted worldwide although different cultures have local custom-based priorities, predetermining their selection of any product. But after the Philip Morris International pushed this brand into the market in 1902, it could rapidly win the market leadership along with some other premium brands. Their quality captured the consumers in even remote places of the world, such as remote Eastern European and Latin American countries. Philip Morris even had to expand its production facilities in order to satisfy demands of numerous customers, wishing to order more and more!

The promotion is still underway and the brand continuously hits markets with new improvements and trends, attracting and satisfying consumers who truly love good and qualitative cigarettes.

Are you interested to know why customers are true to these cigarettes?

The reasons are significant, but simply explained:

Bond cigarettes are produced from high-value tobacco sorts, which are thoroughly examined before using for the production. The tobacco quality pre-defines the amazing smell and taste of these cigarettes;
These cigarettes are marketed against reasonable prices. They are not expensive, but have a top value checked with their multi-year experience;
A brand is popular if its varieties conform to the smoker’s taste. But each smoker has personal preferences. They can be culture-based, depend on incomes, traditions, national habits of consumers. The Philip Morris International goes straightforward against such consumer differences and hits markets with varieties, varying from each other with scents, aromas, tastes. Among these varieties, the following ones are listed: Bond Fine Selection, Bond Super Slims Silver, Bond Super Slims Gold, Bond One, Bond Special Selection, and Bond Street Classic Selection.

Just place us an order and be delighted with your honored Bond Street Customer!