Why do we want to choose More cigarettes? What is so special about these cigarettes? Do they have unique features? We have already smoked so many cigarettes, so many new and old brands but still are searching for something special and new. Now we will understand why More cigarettes are so necessary in our daily routine.

More cigarettes are made by RJ Reynolds in 1975 supplying smokers with the best and finest tobacco. Smoking More cigarettes is a genuine joy, unwinding and pleasing smokers. In the event that you need something better than average in taste you ought to smoke More cigarettes.

More cigarettes have a refined smell and flavor, since their presentation prestigious More cigarettes have turned out to be a standout amongst the most mainstream cigarette mark. These were first cigarettes that had 120 mm in size, being slimmer and longer than other tobacco brands. More cigarettes had a pleasant dark colored paper, yet later were supplanted with conventional white one.

More cigarettes were advertised for both sexual orientations, with respect to men so for ladies, however after some time RJ Reynolds chosen to concentrate on lady showcase.

The tobacco of these cigarettes is enhanced and that fact met smokers’ expectations. For More cigarettes production process there are applied progressive innovations that provide for cigarettes flavor and quality.

The enterprises create and enhance the quality in order to guarantee purchasers that they will inevitably be happy with cigarettes and taste. Furthermore, we’d not miss the opportunity to say that there is a great deal of companies in various countries like Malaysia, Switzerland, USA, Germany, Britain, Romania, Thailand, Germany and Thailand.

Usually there are offered 2 types of More cigarettes:

1. More Blue

2. More Filters

These versions of cigarettes will help decide what versions are ideal for your and your preferences.

More cigarettes are an exceptional mix of the amazing nature of tobacco, giving a genuine smoking joy.

More cigarettes were first cigarettes that were so highly appreciated due to their size and outline.

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