lm-blue-labelMany people find L&M and fall in love with these cigarettes at once.

L&M is a large and very well-known brand, under which there manufactured and sold tobacco products worldwide. At the moment, this brand of cigarettes is owned by Altria Group, although earlier it was owned by a far more famous corporation Philip Morris.

The name of cigarettes, by the way, appeared not casually it is an abbreviation of the names of two companions of John Edmond Liggett and Myers Smith, who founded the company originally under the name Liggett and Meyers.

The very cigarettes first appeared in the United States market in 1953, these were the very first filter cigarettes produced by the “Liggett Group” company.

By the way, these cigarettes were initially put into production only with white filter that became a kind of a characteristic feature of the company. In the whole world these cigarettes have become very popular due to their extremely soft and velvety taste, while delivering deep enough and rich tobacco aftertaste.

Moreover, American L&M cigarettes are sold in a very wide range, which is different concerning the taste of cigarettes, and their strength and content of tar. By the way, as well as practically all other cigarettes, the company has recently performed quite a serious rebranding and redesign of the brand of cigarettes.

This happened because, in Europe, there was elaborated a new law that prohibits to use the words such as light or other indicating cigarettes fortress tentatively in the title.

Instead, the stores have new cigarettes L & M blue label, L & M red label, and etc. respectively in the packages of blue, red color etc. By the way, the packs of almost all the manufacturers of tobacco products have long had their colors depending on the strength of items, and that is why it will not work out to take those cigarettes that one does not want.

For reference, in the United States since 2010 the law comes into operation, which prohibits manufacturers to use the individual words in the title of their tobacco products.

Unfortunately, not all tobacco products of this company are represented in all the markets. In fact, we have a wide spread course of only red and blue cigarettes of the brand, while in fact the whole range of counts about 10 types of tobacco. But you can buy cigarettes of the brand directly from abroad, and in a much more qualitative performance. And you will be rewarded by a great taste and unique sensations.