For you to know why Marlboro cigarettes sell a lot more than all the other brands such as Camel, Virginia Slims, Winston and Salem, you want to posses a wider concept of all the types of Marlboro cigarettes that are marketed across the planet. It is also necessary to know this, particularly when you want to purchase cigarettes online. There are 3 types of Marlboro cigarettes, which are namely

  • The Marlboro Lights
  • The Marlboro Regular
  • The Marlboro Menthol

Even though the types are classified depending upon tobacco grading along with processing, cartons or packs are distinguishable by their leading colors. In general, the color of normal Marlboro cigarette pack is red Marlboro Light is yellow, and Marlboro Menthol is green with every type having its own distinctive taste.

Popularity of Marlboro cigarettes.
Why is Marlboro selling 80 % of the cigarettes on the planet ? Well, there are plenty of factors which contribute to the leadership position of the Marlboro cigarettes. The initial thing amongst them is that Marlboro has identified itself among the American masculinity icons, the cowboys.

Marlboro Lights are among the most preferred by ardent cigarette smokers.

Unlike using Jeeps or suvs, the Marlboro ads use horses that again represent creativity for masculinity and heroics. Masculinity is apparently the factor which is missing in other competing brands. You will fall in love with the hard taste of Marlboro cigarettes when you purchase cigarettes on the internet. This is yet another point for smokers to identify themselves with masculinity and manliness. The Marlboro Lights are definitely much harder compared to most of the other cigarettes. Other than this, a fresher always opt to start smoking with Marlboro.

Why are cigarettes online cheaper ?
More than any other thing, the tax hike on cigarettes, apart from driving the smokers away from local store, has succeeded to complement Marlboro sale when you buy cigarettes online. All know that online cigarettes sell cigarettes free of tax therefore even when ordered cigarettes are delivered from all over the world, the landing price per carton still works out to be much cheaper than pre tax hike costs especially in some states where increase has been more than 200 per pack.

How to order cigarettes on the internet at cheap price ?
Now they can enjoy their brands at cheap cost and can switch over to premium brands such as Marlboro which is really affordable than many other premium brands. You may wonder that this should have worked against Marlboro but why has it not! All cigarette lovers can buy cigarettes online without having to spend a lot.

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