West cigarettes are a unique brand and those smokers who have tried it at least once will not be able to part with it. A lot of things in it surprises: it is both a genuine tobacco taste and a length of smoking. And the most important thing is that for a minute a person does not feel falseness. A true masterpiece is visible immediately! And smokers are always grateful: for every thoughtful detail, which is then realized in a wonderful smoking. This is what smokers live for – enjoy and use the tool for this.

A special filter is a feature of the West cigarettes series. It is a two-piece plastic construction. In the first section we see a standard carbon filter. The smoke is sifted through it, and with air enters the second chamber, working with a Streamtec element, which visually resembles a propeller. It disperses the smoke, and thanks to this, the taste of real tobacco is revealed.

These cigarettes can be easily bought online. This is done for real pleasure and minimal harm to yourself. This requires free time, good mood and good products. And the online store is suitable for this! On the site you will find products that meet the highest quality requirements and current demand. In each of the categories there are options for starting tobacco smoking and the highest level for sophisticated connoisseurs. The variety of species makes it possible for everyone to make the same choice and find everything that is needed for enjoyment.

What are West cigarettes?

West – these are cigarettes from Germany, known to the general population. They are produced in the best German standards on the basis of high quality raw materials. Reemtsma launched this series of cigarettes in the tobacco niche in 1981. And very quickly West cigarettes won the love of smokers. It was possible to achieve such a high demand thanks to bright and outrageous advertising campaigns. Of course, effective marketing is not the only reason for admiration for a product. The manufacturer was not afraid of more and more new methods. Hence, therefore, the tobacco bag now known as American Blend was developed for the production of West.