camel_filtersCAMEL cigarettes is not simply one more brand of cigarettes, it is a notorious brand that is synonymous around the globe with the “old” America, portrayed in the books of Mr. Hedli Chase and Earle Stanley Gardner, appeared in the movies of Hitchcockand showed in the memoirs of the brightest stars of “Brilliant Hollywood Era”.

This is the America that had vanished from the maps, the nation of subtle criminal and brave investigators, beguiling playboys and shocking delights, colossal trusts and disastrous frustrations.

These American cigarettes are still a standout amongst the most prestigious brands in the entire world. Following a century of their presence (the brand hit the market in 1913), they figured out their unique style, taste and the most elevated quality. By chance, the name “Camel” could identify these cigarettes with their picture, as well as an exceptionally solid tobacco blend of Turkish and delicate fragrant Virginia tobacco assortments, which had turned into a benchmark of value cigarettes.

The brand is currently recognizable to all smokers of the world who are enchanted with the drifting name “American Blend”. The most cigarette producers wish to rehash the accomplishment of the “Camel” brand.

After this innovation, the tobacco advertising specialists believe that the yellow pack with a photo of a camel, remaining out of sight of the Egyptian pyramids, figured out how to change the course of history and advancement of the United States, at any rate the historical backdrop of tobacco industry, which is separated into two periods – before and after the appearance of the “Camels”.

No less fascinating and propelling is the publicizing effort for this cigarette brand. Some days before the presence of the principal bunch of these cigarettes in the market, captivating advertisements appeared in the media – a picture of an extraordinary creature and remark: “Camels are coming!” Some days after the fact, the motto turned into a general remind of ridiculousness: “Soon there will be a bigger number of camels in the USA than in the Middle East and Africa”.

The history does not portray how customary Americans responded to this data. Be that as it may, after this new item had recently showed up in the market, a record number of Americans wished to try these cigarettes. Several years after the first marketing start, the principal clump of items showed up in the “old” Europe where they were much evaluated also. Indeed, the business positions witness so.

The “old Joe”(the name of a camel appeared on the pack) still inspires a huge number of individuals around the globe to buy these cigarettes.