cigarettesKool cigarettes brand has a very interesting story of its appearance.

Kool cigarettes brand, founded in 1933 by Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company, were the first menthol cigarettes that could be nationally popular.

Initially providing a small sector of the market, KOOL cigarettes quickly became the most popular brand of menthol cigarettes in the United States (holding this position until 2000.), as well as all over the world.

The first Kool cigarette had no filter and with the menthol “tip” of the standard size (70mm); cigarette without filter of king size (85mm) was launched in 1953, which later was replaced by a filtered version in 1956. KOOL cigarettes without filter of king size were produced in 1952, while the filtered cigarettes of long size (100mm.) – in 1967.

Kool cigarettes brand (like most other brands) created a greater variety of products within 1970. – these were variations presented in this decade, including Kool Milds (of king size and 100 mm) in 1972, Kool Super Lights in 1977 (replaced with Kool Ultra in 1981), and temporary Kool International in 1979. In 1981there was introduced Kool Lights.

Brown and Williamson Company, which was producing cigarettes of Kool trademark, was bought in 2004 by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco; the company was called Reynolds American after the merger, which up till now is manufacturing Kool cigarettes brand in the United States.

Kool cigarettes are sold all over the world, including such countries as Argentina, Colombia, France, Jamaica, Japan; presumably there is used American Tobacco in their production process.

Kool cigarettes are also manufactured in Canada (with the use of American tobacco blends); initially the production was carried out by Tuckett Tobacco (a subsidiary enterprise Imperial Tobacco Canada), and after the closing of Tuckett Tobacco, by Imperial Tobacco Canada.

Packing unit

The packing of Kool cigarettes remained unchanged for 60 years, consisting of a plain white packaging and inscription of “Kool” with crossed letters “O” on the green box.

The original version of Kool cigarettes was withdrawn from the market in 1994 as well as all other brands of cigarettes of Imperial Tobacco Canada. Kool cigarettes were reissued in 2003, this time there was used Virginia tobacco sort in the production of cigarettes; tobacco was of two types – of strong and frosty taste (light), the delivery of Kool cigarettes was discontinued in 2011.