pallmall-bluePall Mall cigarettes were primarily created by Butler and Butler Company. It was a very prosperous brand even then; the creators of the brand sold Pall Mall cigarettes specially intended for smokers who had the highest status in society. In 1907, Butler and Butler decided to sell this brand to American Tobacco. So at the moment when American Tobacco obtained Pall Mall cigarettes they already knew that this product was a true masterpiece of tobacco industry. Basing the further strategy of marketing on the success of this brand, producers have added some other versions like King Size. They also invented necessary components like a new method of stuffing the tobacco right into the cigarette paper that was expected to be better for smoker’s throat.

This achievement made a great impact on customers. Some time later many specialists supposed that numerous improvements increased the brand’s rating. Pall Mall cigarettes became even more demanded in the late 1960’s when the obvious success of sales of the King Size cigarettes really reached the peak. The produced then find it possible to bring the Long variety (100 mm long) to the market. They were sold for several years but in the late 1960’s were left behind by Winston cigarettes.

Pall Mall Cigarettes are a vivid example of classic smoke which is delicate, trendy, soft and saturated at the same time. The price of Pall Mall cigarette is accessible to everyone and it’s easily found locally and online. This is one of the greatest benefits of this brand if compared to other cigarettes.

You can always be assured that while placing an order for this product, you will get the excellent quality and irresistible taste. When you inhale the smoke, you do not feel the harshness due to the supreme quality and smooth sensations. The tobacco contained is tightly packed, which contributes to slower burning and long lasting process of smoking. Many other brands cannot boast having such a phenomenon.

The owner of Pall Mall cigarettes worked hard to elaborate many variants, and exactly Pall Mall NanoKings Amber (mini), Pall Mall Full Filter, Pall Mall Blue Lights, Pall Mall NanoKings Blue (mini) and others. Each and every of them has a characteristic flavor and taste that defines the category this brand belongs to, and at the same time it bears the best quality ever possible. Pall Mall cigarettes are not regular cigarettes; they are unique in their own way.