Pall Mall CigarettesSmokers of the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries acknowledge and cherish the Pall Mall cigarettes.

Although early years after appearance of this brand (the Pall Mall story starts in 1899) were not set apart by substantial scale market entrance, but the Pall Malls as top-quality cigarettes were stably promoted. In fact, 1907 the brand attracted attention of the vast American Tobacco Company. The company had then obtained the brand.

The developing notoriety of the brand has given makers the chance to direct intense experiments to the structure and substances. A new principle of cigarette filling was tried with Pall Mall.

Exemplary king-size (filter cigarette, 85 mm long) dimensions were also experimented with Pall Mall cigarettes.

Especially steady results were obtained by experiment with the 100mm long Pall Mall cigarettes. This assortment of astounding tobacco items are highly demanded during many years of these cigarettes’ production.

Before the end of the 50’s, the Pall Mall demand had reached its highest ranks. The gentle smoke taste, fine tobacco flavor gave the abundance of unparalleled brand ubiquity.

A quarter century later, the manufacturers of Pall Mall cigarettes turned out to realize that unfiltered cigarettes cannot be successfully marketed any more. Accordingly, in 1987, Pall Mall was redesigned.

New filtered cigarettes are packaged into slimmer boxes, are laid out upon tobacco store shelves and are … immediately sold out! From that moment forward and right up till now the Pall Malls are one of the leading products of the British American Tobacco company.

The Pall Mall symbol pictured on cigarette packs is engraved in Latin: “Through thistles to the stars”, “Under the Banner of Victory.” Crowned lions hold the shield with heraldic images, and the knight’s helmet with a crown is laid on the top of that image.

Today, the brand is marketed in assortments as:

PALL MALL (red, 10 mg tar, 0.8 mg nicotine)

PALL MALL (Blue, 7 mg tar, 0,6 mg nicotine)

PALL MALL AMBER (Orange, 4 mg tar, 0.4 mg nicotine)


Pall Mall Superslims Menthol and

Pall Mall Superslims

These cigarettes are a grand attraction for ladies, especially spicy Pall Mall Superslims Aromatic, which are smoked while drinking a cup of morning coffee.

The stable high quality of this brand’s cigarettes is a basis of the Pall Mall reputation. The brand is popular worldwide, but as for the USA, this is a cult brand.