Good time to all of our readers!

We would like to present a review on Philip Morris products under the Heets brand for IQOS tobacco heating systems. Namely, the Heets Purple sticks.

The taste of Heets Purple Wave is positioned as “Refreshing Berry”, while the literal description of the name is “Purple Wave”. This marketing ploy has nothing in common with the smoking process, but at the same time, the berry taste begins to be felt from the middle of the stick. The main flavor is rich menthol.

Having tried the entire Heets line of flavors for IQOS, we can make a clear and honest conclusion that these Heets Purple sticks are the most long-lasting and not annoying, in view of, probably, the double taste. Everyone will find something for themselves in menthol and berries, if we talk about comparison with other tastes of Heets products.

A share of attention should be given to the place of stick production. At the very beginning, this product first appeared on the UK market in the form of sticks that were made in Italy, Milan. Nowadays, the HEETS Purple Wave sticks, which earlier were simply called as HEETS Purple, are the one of the most popular IQOS sticks in the UK market; we can conclude that people also recognize this taste as the best.

As for the pack form factor, we think these are the best proportions in the entire market. The pack conveniently lays down in any place, be it a car, bag, trouser pocket.

Having written this review, we personally realized that it is rather difficult to describe in words this type of product for an online store that in general leads in sales of technically complex products.

But an old truth is that it is worth trying to decide whether it is worth continuing. Order several sticks for a trial and have a decision whether you will use them in future.

Discover these Heets Purple Wave sticks in our UK webshop. It is worth ordering the Heets Purple Wave sticks in domestic shops, which will quote you the best prices! Once you send us a request, we will prove that it is right!