L&M CigarettesL & M cigarettes are a famous and very well-known brand, under which the tobacco products are manufactured and sold worldwide.

At the moment, this brand of cigarettes is owned by the Altria Group although it was before the property of the famous Philip Morris Corporation. The brand name of cigarettes originates, by the way, from the abbreviation of the names of two companions: John Edmond Liggett and Myers Smith who founded the company, which original name was Liggett and Meyers.

The cigarettes first appeared in the United States market in 1953, it was the one of the first filtered cigarette brands of the “Liggett Group” company. By the way, these cigarettes were initially put into production with white filters only that had later become something of the company’s feature.

In the world, these cigarettes became very popular due to their extremely soft and velvety taste, which is enough deep and gives a rich tobacco flavor. Thus, the US L & M cigarettes are sold in a very wide range, which is characterized by the cigarette taste, strength and tar content of the composition.

By the way, alike all other cigarettes, the company has recently made quite a serious re-branding and redesign of these cigarettes. This happened because a new law had appeared in Europe that prohibits cigarette names, in which the words like light or others that indicate the cigarette probation are used. Instead, the cigarette stores distribute the new cigarettes of the L & M blue label, L & M red label, etc. sub-brands, where packaging is respectively blue- and red-colored.

By the way, the packs of almost all manufacturers of tobacco products have specific colors since a long time. Each color is determined by the cigarette strength. So, consumers cannot be confused about the strength of those cigarettes that they want to consume. They just need to know the color, which responds to their personal preferences.

It is very convenient as buyers now do not need to select cigarettes by reading long descriptions in catalogs. Instead, they just need to pay attention to the color of packaging.

In fact, we have mentioned only the red- and blue-colored cigarettes of this brand while there is actually a whole range of counts about 10 species of tobacco. But you can buy the cigarettes of this brand directly from online stores, and in a much more qualitative performance.

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