If you believe the advertising of tobacco companies, a cigarette with a button (“with a button”, as they sometimes say) is an innovative product. They do not irritate the throat, do not cause coughing, and the smell after smoking them is much more pleasant than the classic tobacco “aroma”. Also, the words “the lightest” are added to some cigarettes with a button. However, there is nothing but the desire to find new cheap cigarettes Australia wide, with new tastes.

Push-button cigarettes, what are they? In fact, these are simple flavored tobacco products that appeared in the 1960s. It’s just that then they were exclusively mint (menthol), and the aroma in them was present throughout the smoking process. Cigarettes with a button can be smoked both in the “usual” form and in flavored. Another difference is the diversity of species. What are the flavors? Almost any flavors. If you ask in the tobacco department what flavored cigarettes there are, then you will probably be offered to try berry, fruit, citrus, chocolate, coffee and, of course, menthol. Everything to find new cheap cigarettes Australia wide.

Technically, the buttons in cigarettes are just capsules built into the filter, filled with flavoring. So in fact, it is not quite correct to call them buttons.

How to smoke cigarettes with a button? Just like the usual ones: light up and tighten. But at the same time, you can at any time press the button in the cigarette, that is, crush the capsule built into the filter and get flavored instead of the usual smoke. Someone likes to immediately “turn on” the aroma, and some prefer to first smoke a cigarette as a regular one, and only then press the button. In this case, the flavor gives a richer taste to look for new cheap cigarettes Australia wide.

For lovers of diversity, tobacco companies offer the “most delicious” cigarettes with 2 buttons (or, as they sometimes write on female species, “with buttons”). It all depends on the imagination of the smoker. You can use only one of the two flavors or first one, and then the second. Lovers of mixing can take advantage of both flavors at once.