Depending on the method of production, there are distinguished cigarillos of hand or machine twist. In the manufacture of manually use there are used only whole tobacco leaves and flavors are not applied.

Machine-made cigarillos contain different types of tobacco and cut sheets therefrom. Covering membranes may be formed from tobacco leaves, and from the homogenized product.

Such tobacco products are often flavored get cocoa, chocolate, vanilla or cherry flavor. Where shall we begin with?

If you’ve never tried this type of tobacco products and do not know how to smoke cigarillos, start familiarizing better with those that have a filter. They are wrapped in homogenised tobacco sheets, as already noted, and may be flavored.

There cigarillos with a mouthpiece by means of which there is decreased the temperature of smoke. But you should not inhale too much, as the cigarillos are smoke differently than regular cigarettes. This is due to a high content of nicotine and different tars.

Cigars lovers who do not have enough time for a one puffing of a preferred tobacco product, and you still want to enjoy the taste of good tobacco, we can recommend cigarillos without a filter or mouthpiece, twisted by hand out of whole tobacco leaves.

Having found out many interesting facts, we shall understand the main aspect – how to to smoke cigarilla.

What should you pay attention to? First of all, to the fact that, in contrast to the cigar, cigarillos have tips which should not be cut, it has already been done by the manufacturer.

Moreover, when there are some products which have a filter or mouthpiece. But what you should not pay attention to when thinking about how to smoke cigarillos, it’s their condition.

For the most part, except for expensive Cuban or Dominican cigarillos, they do not react with the quality deterioration to humidity changes in the air. This thing we cannot say about cigars.

How shall a person smoke cigarillos? For most cigarette smokers, this process will very much remind the usual smoking, except for some nuances. In order to help you get the maximum pleasure from both the tobacco and from the process, we describe smoking cigarillos in more detailed.

Before you burn the tip, you must take a deep breath. When puffing cigarillos, you have to try to control the uniformity of tobacco smoldering. The product can be kept the way you used to, or as you wish.

Lovers of cigarillos recommended holding a portion of the smoke in the mouth, and then making a slow exhale through the mouth and «dragging” the smoke cloud through nose in order to fully experience the taste of tobacco, one should inhale.

Concerning the fact how to smoke these tobacco products, there are no hard and fast rules, but keep in mind that you should not inhale as much as possible, as tobacco is quite strong and contains a lot of tar and nicotine.

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