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Breaking news: eu poised to ban electronic cigarettes

Cigarettes in kenya

  1. Will Huge EU Tobacco Scandal Affect Electronic Cigarettes? October 17, 2012

    … Breaking News EU Poised to Ban Electronic Cigarettes …

  2. How Vapers Are Using The Internet to Stop An E Cigarette Ban October 21, 2012

    … recently a leaked document showed that the EU, which rewrote a safety report on Snus to ban it despite decades of evidence …

  3. Study Finds 74% of Smokers Quit with Ecigs April 4, 2013

    … The EU tobacco directive aims to allow a maximum of 0.4% nicotine in electronic cigarettes, which Chris Price of the Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association (ECCA UK) believes would make it would make it useless for about 93% of electronic cigarette users. …

  4. Vapers Prepared to Change Their Vote to Defend Their Right to Vape May 7, 2013

    … of us are heavily involved in a campaign to protect the electronic cigarette from a proposed EU ban, with some MEPs reporting receiving hundreds and even thousands of letters of protest. And, …

  5. Politicians Fear E Cigarettes Threaten Tax Revenue, Call for Restrictions May 15, 2013

    … better to put a 0.4% limit on the nicotine and pretend it’s not a ban, and that regulations are being put in place to protect children, not penalise smokers (despite the …

  6. Author of Anti Ecig Bill Alleged Corrupt, Moves, One Million Dollars July 2, 2013

    … year the author of an EU bill which would effectively ban electronic cigarettes was forced to resign after allegedly seeking bribes from a tobacco …

  7. A New EU Attempt to Ban E Cigarettes And How to Defeat It November 25, 2013

    &#8230 a recent attempt to ban electronic cigarettes in the EU thousands of vapers contacted their MEPs in &#8230