Compact Plus Blue Winston cigarettes are one of the most popular brands of Winston cigarettes. Unlike other Winston cigarettes, Compact Plus Blue Winston cigarettes have a compact shape, charcoal filter with air chamber, and low tar and nicotine content. The cigarettes are compact for faster, more economical smoking and easy storage and transport.

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What are Winston cigarettes?

Compact Plus Blue Winston cigarettes are free of unwanted impurities and are suitable for those who prefer a light and pleasant tobacco flavor. Compact Plus Blue Winston cigarettes are manufactured by JTI (Japan Tobacco International). It is in the mid-price range and competes with brands such as L&M, Kent, and Marlboro. Compact Plus Blue Winston cigarettes have a stylish and modern packaging design with blue color and brand logo. Compact Plus Blue Winston cigarettes are mild and aromatic, do not irritate the throat, and do not leave an unpleasant taste. The charcoal filter with air chamber refreshes your breath.